CA Trip Part 5 (Disneyland, including World of Color dessert party)

The next morning was extra hours at Disneyland but we opted to skip it and go straight for California Adventure. Why? Radiator Springs Racers.

Remember that ride that had the loooong Fastpass line the morning before? I realized that if we didn’t hit it first thing in the morning, and just deal with whatever line we encountered, we’d never ride it. I’ve seen so many people rave about it so I couldn’t leave without experiencing it!

We got in line 30 minutes before park opening and the lines for both parks were so long that they met in the middle.


Thankfully, since anyone could enter, it seemed to go much smoother than the morning before!

We did what just about everyone did – ran right to Cars Land. While some joined the already ridiculous Fastpass line, we went on to the ride itself. The line was already down the street – you couldn’t even see the entrance of the ride. We stood in a quick moving mob until we got to the entrance and it was showing 40 minute wait (park opened 15 minutes ago).


Unlike most of the rides, the line was themed well.



In true Disney form, the wait was way over stated and we waited just 15-20 minutes.


The ride feels similar to Test Track (in Epcot).


Even the interior area does, though I will admit the audio-animatronics are the best I’ve seen Disney do.



But overall, we felt ‘eh’ about the ride. Certainly didn’t live up to the hype… but we’re glad to have done it!

Tower of Terror in California is getting rebranded to Guardians of the Galaxy, which has made the ride incredibly popular. Thankfully, we were able to snag a fastpass for it on our way to ride the Monsters, Inc ride (adorable!). While in that area, we stepped into the animation building to take a drawing class!


An animator walks you (quickly!) through how to draw a Disney character. They provide a nice clipboard, pencil, and paper.


Ours was Goofy… and one of us had better luck than the other.





After grabbing lunch, we rode Tower of Terror. I gotta say… I liked it better than the WDW version. You don’t leave the elevator shaft so when you drop, it’s a complete surprise. So fun!!

The long running stage show, Aladdin, closed last year and was replaced by Frozen. Until recently, it was a fastpass attraction to guarantee seating and when they took it away, and instead the recommendation was to arrive 1.5 hours ahead of time, I nixed it from our plans. Except we were walking past, 20 minutes to show time, and they still had plenty of seating so we joined the orchestra line outside to wait.


Not long after arriving, we were let in and found there were plenty of seats (it never filled). I sorta felt bad for all those people that took the guide advice and arrived so early 😦


The show is nearly an hour long and is quite elaborate, with some cool special effects.


Except that even months after the show opening, they still have lots of production issues.


Our show stopped 3 times – each for 5-10 minutes.


And they didn’t always start right back up where they left off so we missed part of the storyline. By the end, nearly half the audience had left (the kids were getting incredibly restless at each stop!) but I thought the talent was superb.

But Disney is known for quality, and cranks out excellent Broadway shows, so I can’t imagine why there are still so many issues with this one show months after it opened. It was a tad embarrassing. But I’m glad we went! The air conditioned break is always welcome 🙂

After another nice hotel break, we went to Disneyland to ride a few things!


Then hopped right back over to California Adventure for our dessert party. CA Adventure’s nighttime show is World of Color – it’s a water/lights/fire show. The view is standing room only in corrals, of sorts (which require fast passes to be collected that morning). As a short person, I knew my view would be hit or miss so when this dessert party came out, it was a no brainer. No standing in line? No standing for the show? No tall people in my way? A waitress? What more could you want?!

This was our view when we were seated:


Everyone is presented with the same plate:


You also get drinks until the show starts so it’s worth being seated when it opens 30 minutes prior.

Our view after all the people were let into the standing room only space:


And some pics of the show – it was just breathtaking.



Y’all – that’s projections on water. Water!



I totally cried.



It may be my new favorite – I just loved it. And the seats didn’t hurt, either 😉 Our waitress got us boxes to pack up our leftover desserts and grabbed me a bottle of water to take back to the hotel. We were seated with a mom and son and they were very sweet. It wasn’t weird at all to be seated with other people (I was afraid it would be). Maybe because the son was around 7? I dig 7 year olds.

This was our last night staying at Disney 😦 Next up… grabbing a car and heading down the coast to San Diego!


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