Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

Jason isn’t a fan of long car rides so 8 hours = too much for one day. This means that we always stop around halfway to Disney and halfway back. One time we did Savannah, last time we stopped in Hilton Head, etc. While pricing out hotels in Savannah this time, we realized there were several special events both weekends that had shot up the cost of hotels.

Hilton Head doesn’t have a ton of hotels – it’s more residential than Myrtle – and Disney’s resort ended up being cheaper than any of the others, even with a villa! We had never been there (we have stayed at Disney’s Vero Beach) so I was excited to try it. We booked a night there and a night on the way back.

We left Charlotte on Saturday morning and I dropped Jason off at a golf course in Hilton Head on the way to the resort. The weather was gorgeous! As I drove in, a cast member was standing on the 2nd floor (where check in is) waving with her Mickey hand. It was the perfect way to start our Disney trip!

{y’all can stop rolling your eyes now}

Our villa was already ready so I unloaded my stuff and checked it out. IMG_4611

Y’all, I could have moved in.




(there’s a large shower in the room with the toilet)



I hadn’t had lunch yet and this resort only had a counter service option, no table service spot. I thought about walking to a nearby restaurant but instead thought I’d wander the property and grab counter service instead.


It’s very quiet and peaceful to walk through. Shady, with hammocks, cornhole, rocking chairs, etc scattered throughout. It’s right on the marsh.


At the pool area, there is a small store (similar to other DVC resorts though a tad small, in my opinion), a game room, fitness center, rental spot, plus the counter service window that overlooks the dock.


I got my meal to go and wandered back to the room to relax before picking up Jason.

Later that night, we had dinner at a jewel of a restaurant recommended by the couple he played golf with. It was amazing! I’ll share more on my food blog.

The next morning, we hit the road for Old Key West!

On the way home from Disney, we were actually given a 2 bedroom villa that added another full bathroom and 2 queen beds. The rooms are very similar to the rooms at Old Key West but, in my opinion, more updated and in better condition. I also prefer the decor but of course, my house is decorated similarly so that’s to be expected.

I regretted not seizing the opportunity the weekend prior to hit the beach. I just assumed I’d have more time when we returned after Disney but instead, the next weekend we faced rain and cold. However, we did drive over and check out the Beach House on Sunday morning before we went back home.


Disney Hilton Head is not on the beach – it’s about a mile away. They provide a free shuttle or you can just zip over there, which is what we did. The Beach House requires a room key for access and has a limited hour counter service restaurant, indoor space with tables and a fireplace, plus an outdoor pool.

It was 50 degrees and windy – ain’t nobody going in that pool.



From the pool area, you can easily access the beach:


It may be cold and windy but I still love any chance to walk on the beach.


It was really busy.


Without loads of people around, we were able to collect some really beautiful shells! I pick up shells each time we visit the beach and add them to a jar home. This was, by far, the most successful shell scouting trip I’ve had.

When/if we want a beach weekend, we would definitely consider Disney Hilton Head again. They lose points for not being right on the beach but the room size, amenities, and price can’t be easily beat. I think a week spent there during the warmer season would be lovely – there are so many activities to do at the resort. Though I do wish they had a table service restaurant!

It was a fantastic vacation and I’m so thankful my mom took us all – we definitely made memories to last a lifetime!


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