Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom (Day 3)

When Jason and I visit Disney, we hit our favorites, sleep late, and probably don’t accomplish much in the grand scheme of things.  But since we were going with several first timers – including a 5 year old – we needed a gameplan… especially for Magic Kingdom!

Though I’ve never arrived anywhere near rope drop, we knew that was the ticket to 1)shorter lines and 2)lower temperatures. I really wanted some pre-park opening pictures + a head start on Mine Train so I made a breakfast reservation for Be Our Guest.

Let me stop and say that there are 2 types of Disney fans: those who love the Disney transportation options and relish a chance to not drive for a week and those that hate the Disney transportation options. We are solidly in the “hate” camp. Especially the buses! That said, Magic Kingdom is a pain in the rear to navigate in a car so we decided to brave the bus.

We arrived at the bus stop at 7:05am (we had an 8:20am reservation). We sat for 35 minutes, watching multiple buses to every other park go by. FINALLY got on the bus and the dadgum bus driver took us to Epcot! He forgot which bus he was on 😦

After all was said and done, we were nearly 20 minutes late to our reservation and didn’t get a single group shot on Main St – only pics on the fly:





Be Our Guest is a set price breakfast – we actually ordered online the night before so our food was delivered within minutes of being seated. I’ll share pics/details of the food later on my food blog.

We sat in the Rose Gallery; not my favorite room but it had the most seating available (finding a table for 8 is hard!).




Since we got there so late, we were not out by rope drop and the Mine Train wait was already very long. Instead, we hit almost all the attractions in Fantasyland with little to no wait.


Teacups really don’t fit 4 people… notice mom’s leg?




This was our first time to ride Barnstormer, which is a kiddie ride, and we found out the hard way that 2 adults can’t fit in a seat. Which meant Jason was the creepy single guy riding the next train with a bunch of kids.


We met Mermaid Ariel! We’ve only met Ariel with Legs in the past so this was new for us. Zoe waiting her turn:






We also did Enchanted Tales with Belle, which was also new to us! Interestingly, this was the longest line we stood in all week – it took about 45 minutes (though we got in line when it said 20 or we never would have done it!). The line is very hot but James bought out the nearest drink cart so we could chug water.

This is the CUTEST experience! Zoe was chosen to be Chip in the retelling and was so adorable. The whole thing was adorable, really!




A 5 year old couldn’t visit WDW without a meal at the castle! We had lunch and I was so afraid it would be a bust – reviews are very mixed – but we all loved it! Food details will be on my food blog soon.

You start with a picture with Cinderella before you’re seated:




The restaurant is quite small and really lovely inside:



The only princess you know you’ll see is Cinderella – we were excited to get Ariel with Legs, Snow White, Aurora, and Jasmine. I wish Rapunzel did the meals – I’ve yet to meet her!










After lunch, sister and her family went back to the hotel for a nap and we decided to just stick it out. By the way – they took a cab and it was a fraction of the time spent on the bus that morning. This is why we ALWAYS rent a car if we don’t drive. Time is money at Disney!

We had a fastpass for the Mine Train – our first time to ride it (the line was ridic last year). It was cute but pretty short. Doesn’t Jason look thrilled?


We also hit Buzz and a few other photo opportunities:



We take that ride very seriously.



Notice mom’s shirt? We vetoed matching shirts with our name on it so she ordered one for herself 🙂

We did standby for Haunted Mansion (always a favorite – and it’s air conditioned!) and then stopped into Memento Mori to have creepy pics done. Loved them!





Space Mountain – a “never again” for Jason. His legs don’t fit well so he was in quite a bit of pain! See him holding on?



About this time, sister and her family were back at the Magic Kingdom in time to see Anna and Elsa (by far the hardest fast pass for me to get – and I was able to snag one for each of us!). The standby line hovered between 60 and 120 minutes but we were in and out in 10 minutes!


Look at that face!



For the first time, we used a fastpass for Wishes and I gotta say, I’m a fan. We found the area during the first parade, staked a spot on the astroturf, and relaxed. Thankfully, those in front of us stayed seated for both Celebrate the Magic and Wishes so we all got to sit for it! The view was pretty good and Zoe was a HUGE fan of fireworks!



Right after the fireworks, the mass exodus began so we chilled on the grass until (what looked like) the herd of walkers cleared from Main St. We walked 20 feet out and plopped a spot right on the curb for the Main St Electrical Parade!


Spectro will always be my favorite but this one is fun, too.

It was a long, hot day but we did a lot! And, our bus ride home was much more successful (and didn’t include stops at other parks!).

Next up: Free Day (we all went different directions!) and Epcot


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