Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Disney Springs (Day 2)

Today was a busy one! We hit the ground running first thing in the morning so we could catch the first Festival of the Lion King show at 10am.

When at Disney, never underestimate the travel time it takes to get anywhere – especially a show at the back of the park! Even with driving ourselves, we barely made it in time.


This show is amazing – and air conditioned!

We caught the safari next and saw lots of animals this time. I didn’t pull out my camera… While wandering to Flame Tree for lunch, we stopped for some pics:




Lunch at Flame Tree was great as always! I LOVE their ribs. Some of us saw Nemo (hello air conditioning!)


while others rode Dinosaur:


Then we headed for Everest. Interestingly, we had a fast pass for Everest that was still 20 minutes out but the wait was showing at 20 minutes so we just jumped in line. The fast pass line was down the bridge but stand by was empty. We timed it – we were on board in 8 minutes. According to the computer at the front, fast pass people were getting on in 12 minutes and that’s only after they scanned their band! Sometimes, fast passes are NOT always shortest!


Half our group headed to the front to catch a bus back while we stayed to see It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Both of our groups took some more pics on the way out:




By now, it was mid-afternoon and incredibly hot and humid. We drove back to the hotel to rest/shower before dinner at Downtown Disney (now officially Disney Springs).

Zoe had an appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique late that afternoon. The salon is small so the rest of us just got to see the transformation through photos later – she seemed to LOVE this!


She really wanted the Elsa hairstyle but her thick, curly hair did not cooperate and they had to change course and go for the classic bun.


They painted her nails and then sent her home with a full bottle of the glitter nailpolish (I was a tad jealous).


And of course some pixie dust!


Right across the way, there is a photo studio and all the photos are loaded on your photopass account. This is my favorite!


She looked so beautiful!

We all met at Morimoto Asia for dinner. It’s a new restaurant on the old Pleasure Island and was probably the best meal of the week.


I’ll share pics of the food and details on my food blog later. Inside the restaurant:


Showing Andrew and Abby her haul:


After dinner, some of the family went back to the hotel but me, Jason, Andrew, and Abby stayed awhile. We shopped and checked out the new Hangar Bar (so cool inside!). Staying at Old Key West makes it easy to get back and forth by boat.

Next up! An entire day (14 hours!) at Magic Kingdom!


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