Day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway

Since moving to North Carolina, we’ve wanted to drive a bit out of Charlotte in order to check out the changing colors in the mountains. Don’t get me wrong – the colors in Charlotte are brilliant but there is something about the mountains!


Last year, we had a Saturday planned… and it snowed. This year we were determined to check them out and the stars aligned! We were both able to take the day off, the weather was perfect, and we hit them at peak color. The higher elevation had already dropped their leaves – you could practically see a line in the mountains – but the Blue Ridge Parkway elevation was perfect.


I also had the brilliant idea to bring the dogs. Jason says “never again” but they had a fun time, too đŸ™‚


Not having a clue what to do or where to go, we followed the parkway on Google and decided to jump on around Blowing Rock. It’s about 1.5 hours from our house – a super easy drive.


We wanted to “hike” a few trails. The parkway website has a great layout of where the trails are, how long they are, plus how strenuous they are.


Due to time, we weren’t able to do any long trails but instead mostly drove from overlook to overlook and then stopped at Linville Falls.


There is a visitors center there (potty!) in addition to some campsites and several trails. We did the shortest trail to the falls – which is about a mile roundtrip.



The dogs did great! We rarely walk them on a leash so they had to get the hang of it again. They also did well with the people and children walking around us.


Harley, the Shih Tzu, is not a hiking dog but he did pretty good! I thought I’d end up carrying him to the car but he made it.


I’m a Texan through and through but I can’t get over just how gorgeous North Carolina is. When we first moved, I was obsessed with the trees – it’s just so different than home. I find myself getting more used to them and, unfortunately, taking them for granted. Fall reminds me just how stunning God’s creation is and what a beautiful place we are living!



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