Dublin: Day 3 (Howth Head & Brazen Head Pub)

After our adventures the day before, we took it easy this morning before heading out to Howth Head. Technically a part of Dublin, the small fishing village is located on a peninsula north east of the city. Though the Dublin bus and train access it, we thought we needed another adventure in driving and took the car. In hindsight, this was a great decision since we got to explore the island!

We arrived in time to have lunch at one of the seafood restaurants located on the docks. There are lots of restaurants, all with similar menus, so we simply picked one of the first we came across.

I think that we all landed on the crab meat sandwich and onion straws; I know they didn’t have smoked salmon so I had to settle. It was a real struggle…



After lunch, we dropped Jason off at Howth Golf Club for his tee time. Like most European golf courses, you won’t find a golf cart with GPS. He got a workout dragging his clubs up and down all those hills but had a great time! He met some locals and, in true Irish fashion, they were incredibly friendly. Two even spotted me in the club restaurant later to chat!

These are pics he took on his phone from the course:








While he was golfing, dad and I went for a drive! We accidentally stumbled upon this scenic lookout that boasted some gorgeous views of Baily Lighthouse and the Irish Sea.





If you’re into hiking, there are trails to hike along the cliffs on this side of the island.

We then drove back down towards the docks to park the car and walk some.


Howth Parish Church of the Assumption:



Notice the ruins on the left side of the picture? This is what’s there (you have to climb up some to see it):


There are 2 docks, and you can walk up both. On one end there is a lighthouse, and on the other a steep set of steps you can climb up.



We visited later in the day so most of the fisherman had already finished but we were lucky to spot one boat come in. I’m sure they loved the American tourists snapping pictures of the day’s catch…


Along with restaurants, there are seafood markets you can stop into for fresh seafood.


Fun signage:



Views from the dock towards Ireland’s Eye. Ireland’s Eye is small uninhabited island, though you can take a small boat over and do some rock climbing and exploring.




Standing on the edge of the steps (it was a long way down!)



I’m glad the weather was so gorgeous; it allowed us to not only visit this great fishing village but also for Jason to golf. And it’s a nice change from the city!

Later that night, we walked to Brazen Head Pub, the oldest pub in Dublin. Since we hit the oldest pub in Europe the night before, we figured it was only right to pay a visit. It was very dark, obviously, so we took some pictures on the way by the next morning.


Like many of the pubs we stepped into it, it consisted of several different rooms. Live music was in one and, of course, it was body to body. We opted to sit outside in an open courtyard so we could still listen in. Y’all, the music is SO GOOD.


This was the room the musicians were in the night before – obviously not the same crowd at 10am!



Another fantastic day in Ireland!


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