Dublin: Day 1 (Guinness Storehouse)

We had a mid-morning flight out of Gatwick which meant the car service came early. So early, in fact, that my beloved smoked salmon wasn’t even being served yet. Thankfully, we were heading to the land of great seafood!

After an easy 1.5 hour flight, we were in Dublin! Because we wanted to travel some, we opted to rent a car. What an adventure!

Your US car insurance won’t touch you when you drive on anything but US soil so dad wisely took out the most car insurance offered by the rental company. Which came in handy!

Driving a stick shift, with your left hand in a different direction, combined with mastering the left side of the road, meant it took us multiple times to just get out of the airport. Once we figured that out, we did safely make it to our hotel!

Our hotel was nice, well rated, and in a decent area. What we didn’t realize when we booked, because we’re pampered Americans, is that air-conditioning is not a given.

I thought Jason was going to die.

It really wasn’t hot, but the lovely temps combined with the afternoon sun made our room warm and uncomfortable. We were *thisclose* to asking for a balcony room just to leave the door open when we realized that we could open the window, even though the little sign says not to, and it quickly cooled down the room. Crisis averted!

Just like in London, we had a double bed (plus random single bed) but unlike London, dad also got a double + single instead of just a single! I think he appreciated having a room larger than a walk-in closet for this go-around.


It was early afternoon, and we hadn’t eaten since breakfast at the airport, so decided to drive over to the Guinness Storehouse for lunch + tour.


We started by finding food! There are several eateries inside, all featuring Irish cuisine and most using Guinness in the menu items. We landed in Arthur’s Bar, a traditional pub. It was bright and airy with lots of windows and seating.


We all got the Guinness pulled pork sandwich with vegetable soup. I took a picture but used the wrong lens and it came out blurry 😦 It was huge, and tasty.

They also had live music!


The tour is self guided and, if you follow it, you end up at The Gravity Bar, a rooftop bar with 360 degree views of Dublin. The sun was already going down so we went straight there before starting the tour.

What we didn’t realize is that half of Dublin was camped out there. It was hot, crowded, and people were lounging on the floor in front of the windows chillin’ out.

So, I snapped pictures and got the heck out of dodge!

{it really WAS gorgeous up there – beautiful day!!}






After that, we went back downstairs for the tour. The entire building is, evidently, shaped like a pint glass. It’s very industrial with lots of glass and metal.

They move people well because since it’s a circle, you move around each floor then take the escalator to the next floor.  Once you get to the top, you can take the elevator down to 1.


While Guinness is brewed there on the property, you do not get to tour it. Instead, the tour focuses on the history of the brand, how it’s made, the proper way to pour it, etc.



When we got back to the parking lot, the attendant informed us that we had hit a car while parking. None of us had felt the impact but sure enough, there were marks on our car and, as the attendant was kind to point out, they also watched the surveillance footage to confirm. Oops.

This, my friend, was a sign of times to come.

After a long day of travel, we decided to call it a night. The next morning we were leaving early for a road trip!

More later!


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