London: Day 3 (Churchill War Rooms, Big Ben, Westminster, Sherlock Holmes, British Museum)

Day 3 started with breakfast (aka, smoked salmon) at the hotel and then we hit the road. First up was the Churchill War Rooms, something we all really wanted to see.


The entire museum is, of course, underground; this is the building above it:


I could not get enough of the gorgeous architecture!

Back to the museum – it’s fascinating and a MUST SEE. The audio tour is included in the cost of admission and very informative. You see all the rooms, many of which were left as-is after the war ended, plus an entire separate exhibit on the life of Winston Churchill. I was not overly familiar with him as a person and his life was fascinating as well.

Part of the Enigma Machine (we just watched the Imitation Game before we left so this was cool to see in person!):


This tour takes a couple of hours but is worth every minute.

We walked a few blocks over to Westminster Abbey:








Big Ben (which is actually just the bell in the clock but let’s not get technical) is right across from Westminster:



As you can see, the London Eye is visible – it’s actually across the Thames River. We opted to not spend the $ on it this trip.



There are, remarkably, very few dining options in this area. Of course I had already scouted food options and had a list of possibilities. The closest (and therefore, less steps!) was a pub called The Red Lion.


It was a little confusing at first; we couldn’t figure out were the dining room was until someone pointed us through a small door that led to a tiny, steep staircase. Upstairs was a small dining room with great views.


Like most places in London, it has a long history. Charles Dickens was a frequent diner along with many political figures over the years, thanks to it’s close proximity to Parliament and Downing Street.

Dad ordered a seafood pie – he loved it:


Jason and I both had our first fish & chips of the trip (delish!)


Day 3 was kicking our rear, er, feet so we decided to head back to the hotel to rest up a bit. But first! We stopped at the Sherlock Holmes Museum located at – where else? – 221b Baker St.


I’m cheap and care nothing about Sherlock Holmes so I sat at the pub next door while dad and Jason did the tour. Amusing to have a museum dedicated to a fiction character but they said it was interesting and fun to visit once.



Most of the historical sites and museums have fairly limited hours – such as 10am-5:30pm – which meant scheduling several in one day was hard when you took into account travel time and rest time. Thankfully, on Friday night, the British Museum stayed open until 8:30pm!


Y’all, it’s HUGE.



We grabbed a map and just sorta tried to narrow down what we wanted to see – and how much more our pitiful feet could take.


We found Paul Giamatti’s ancestor:


Musicians each playing {multiple} instruments that we’d never seen before:


The Rosetta Stone (it’s not just a language education software company!)


After we finished at the museum, we wandered over to a fantastic Indian restaurant for a late dinner. Unfortunately, I neglected to get pictures.

And then we crashed!

Steps walked:


More later!


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