House update: Hall Bath

When you buy an older home, you inherit decisions from previous owners. This was our first “pre-owned” home so this was a new adventure! Thankfully, I got to meet and visit with the sellers a couple of times and they were very helpful in passing on information to us.

They left behind any extra paint they had so we could match or touch-up without issue. Unfortunately, a couple of rooms didn’t have paint leftover – including the hallway bathroom.

Sellers picture:



They had renovated this bathroom and it was neutral and beautiful – I had no complaints.

Our shower curtain/decor (these pics turned out so pink!)



Until the towel rod fell off the wall.

Replacing it or rehanging it meant patching the wall, repainting, and anchoring it in better. And we had no paint on hand.

First world problem, yes?

I took this as a sign to redo the bathroom the way I wanted it so I chose a new color, new shower curtain, and new art. We finally got it finished up last week and I LOVE it. I’m obsessed with this paint color and it may find it’s way into our bedroom before long! Depending on the time of day, the color is more gray, green, and blue. So pretty much all my favorite home decor colors.

The finished product:




This shelf is still a work in progress:


And the towel rod is now installed correctly and not going anywhere!


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