House update: new floors + spring decor

At the end of the summer, we noticed some bubbling underneath the laminate flooring in our dining room. Unfortunately, the hot water heater was leaking and it had spread under the flooring in the living spaces. The upside is that we didn’t love the floors so we got to pick out a new one! We also opted to pay OOP to have them run it down the hallway and into our bedroom, too. So when I finally get around to redoing our bedroom, it’ll look so much nicer! I LOVE the new floors – they fit our style so much better.



IMG_2619 (2)_opt


IMG_9577-2_opt IMG_9575-2_opt IMG_9579-2_opt IMG_9587-2_opt IMG_9589-2_opt IMG_9623-2_opt

Love my mini castle from WDW!

IMG_9627-2_opt IMG_9633-2_opt

Spring mantle:

IMG_9618-2_opt IMG_9620-2_opt IMG_9621-2_opt




IMG_9630-2_opt (1)



We’ve been finishing up several projects so I’ll be sharing those in a few days 🙂


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