Christmas Decor 2014

Never too late, right?

Living Room

The mantle is the same as last year, so I just used an old pic. Except we have new floors – I need to share that adventure soon. I made the garland and wreath last year and thankfully, they both survived in the attic well. Only needed a bit of hot gluing this year!


I completely redecorated the tree about 2 weeks after I decorated it the first time. I’ve decided that part of the issue is that the tree is, well, cheap. And it shows. I need want a new one!


tree final

Dining Room

I used battery operated lights in fake snow – though you have to dig through the snow to turn them on, I still love how they looked at night.



This tree has our personal ornaments, most of which were from my childhood. The topper was designed by my late Aunt for Schmidt. More pics here.



I made two of these last year and decided to go with an entire forest this year. Just mason jars, brush bottle trees, fake snow, glue gun, and some figurines.






Front porch

With our new red front door, I had to embrace traditional colors and really amp up the red.


I made the snowballs out of foam balls, mod podge, faux snow and some glitter.

Hanging lights on the house this year was an adventure… We ended up just straight up stapling them across the front. They were whimsical and colorful, which made me happy!


Those trees are on metal stands and pre-lit with white lights. I shoved them into my usual white planters, covered the exposed metal stand with dollar tree white snow sheets, and wrapped each in a strand of the outdoor colored lights. I can’t handle white with colored…


The light swags are new, too. Since the base of the light is so large, I couldn’t pull it over like I originally planned but since they are lightweight, a single finishing nail was all it took.

That’s all folks! 🙂


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