It’s all about curb appeal! New front door, porch lights, and shutters

The interior and lot of this house sold us – not the exterior look. The curb appeal wasn’t bad, and it was well maintained, but just not our favorite look. So, we finally did some exterior upgrades.





We weren’t digging the brown western style shutters so we replaced them with black traditional ones instead. These were fairly simple to install ourselves, thankfully, and a relatively inexpensive change!

The door we did not attempt to replace ourselves. We went back and forth on the look of the sidelights but wound up with very few options in the end due to the size of our door opening and the color we chose. I wasn’t sure I’d like the full length glass panels but it’s definitely grown on me, and adds a lot of light to our house during the day! If we lived on a busy street or close to neighbors we would frost some of the sidelights for more privacy but in this house, it’s no big deal.


Coming down the street makes our house so much prettier now thanks to that bright red door!


The previous porch lights were these sad bronzy lights that just weren’t good enough for my dreamy red door so we chose some black craftsman style lights to replace them with.




We decided to go with red on both sides of the door – go big or go home, right? The entryway walls are gray with bright canvas prints so we really loved how it ended up. Photos in this room are hard to capture due to the light in the space but you’ll get an idea.

With previous owners stuff:




More later! 🙂


One thought on “It’s all about curb appeal! New front door, porch lights, and shutters

  1. Susan Davis says:

    Amiee the red is awesome!!! I had a red door in Greensboro, and love it. I finally talked Keith into barn red about a year ago…you just need some color to make your place come alive!!! Great job!!!
    Susan Davis

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