Our trip to Furnitureland South + Living Room Update

A few months ago, we decided to start looking for a new couch for our living room. We had a huge sectional that we loved but it was not dog friendly and was too large for the space. Matter of fact, 1 of the pieces (the chaise) lived in a spare bedroom when we moved because it didn’t fit.

I’m a firm believer that dogs = leather furniture. Period. Every microfiber, upholstered, slip covered piece we’ve ever bought lived a short life in our house. The same goes for car upholstery.

So, we decided to start looking for something else. Since we’re now in North Carolina, we had to check out the world’s largest furniture store just a little over an hour north of us – Furnitureland South.

There are three buildings, each of which are huge. When you arrive, you’re introduced to a sales person and given a map. The whole salesperson-stalking-you is the worst part of furniture shopping but I promise that here, it’s perfect! They don’t go with you; they give you their cell number and if you want more information about a piece, you just call. They ask what you’re looking for, what kind of price range, etc and then show you where you’ll be most successful in your hunt.

photo (38)

In my mind, I had it laid out warehouse style but it’s not at all. It’s laid out well and decorated like a very nice furniture store. Much of the furniture was high end. There is also a huge custom furniture design studio that I stopped by briefly to just drool over the gorgeous fabrics.

The great part of it being organized well is that I could take 2 steps into some galleries and know it wasn’t our style. Saved time, and your feet!

Did I mention it’s huge?

photo (37)

I found it was easiest to take pictures of items we liked – both the item and the tag – so we could find it later. Out of all the pieces we found, there were 4 that we liked. We asked our sales rep to meet us and price out our favorite piece and while he was gone, I Googled it on the my phone and found pricing at several online furniture retailers. The price he brought back was a good $400+ MORE than the online retailers. No thanks.

I didn’t find any deals in the showrooms but the draw is, really, just having SO MUCH in one space. You can see just about anything in the world in one stop and not deal with a commission hungry salesperson walking alongside you.

Something so large of course has food options! And they are actually good! We had lunch at their restaurant. And… they have a Starbucks. A real one, not just a kiosk thingy like you find at hospitals. I may or may not have hit it in the morning and afternoon. It’s really in everyone’s best interest that I stay caffeinated. The Starbucks is another reason why shopping here is worth the trip.

After exhausting all of our options – and our feet – we started to head out but the salesguy encouraged us to drag our tired, weary, cranky selves over to the (also huge) outlet building. We were already there so we drove across the parking lot to the outlet.

The outlet is “only” 300,000 sq feet. The top floor is where bargains are born. Straight up overstock warehouse closeout stuff. Rows and rows. Now THIS is my kind of store. We had narrowed down what we wanted so much that we knew there wasn’t a chance of finding it there but we walked it anyways.

And lo and behold, right in the back corner, was a gray leather sectional that was PERFECT for our small awkward living room.

We went on Black Friday so everything was 20% off the marked down price, which was already a great deal. I practically laid across it, hiding the tag, while we called our salesguy and waited on him to process the purchase and hold the piece for us.

{those salespeople run this compound of buildings all day long! I don’t know how they do it.}

We sold our huge comfy sectional via Craiglist and sat in camping chairs until the new one was delivered.

I’m glad we made the trip; it was fun to check it all out and we did end up with a bargain in the end (y’all know I was Googling the new piece to compare prices!). While I was discouraged by the prices in the showrooms, it really was helpful for us to look at 4 bajillion pieces so we knew exactly what we wanted.

The new sectional has been here since Christmas and other than Winston plopping himself on the back cushion when we leave the house (it’s already showing wear on that cushion – any suggestions for keeping him off?), it’s holding up great! Easy to clean, soft but not too soft leather, no removable cushions to deal with, and Winston’s squeaky ball is too big to roll underneath it. The important things, you know.

I have a huge stack of throw pillows that never live on the couch because the dogs get them hairy/dirty so imagine pretty pillows and blankets below 🙂




We also got a new chair. I adored the rattan chair we had but it was the most uncomfortable chair EVAH. Which meant it was pretty to look at but never used. We went for comfy, easy, and cheap and got a white canvas slipcovered chair.



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