Our Living/Dining Room

Our house was built in 1980 and is a typical ranch. However, at some point, a renovation was done and the living/dining/kitchen was opened into each other. Matter of fact, that openness was a huge selling point for us as the house – while small – didn’t feel as boxed in as some others.

But it’s a little weird to photograph. 🙂

This was the dining room with the previous owner’s stuff:


Dining room:

IMG_2612 (2)_opt

We still need an area rug (I want a sisal rug to make it a bit more casual) and some drapes.

But I haven’t found any cheap enough yet 🙂

The living room with the previous owner’s stuff:



And now:

IMG_2613 (2)_opt


The long silver tray (between the lamps) was my mom’s and is the perfect catch-all for jewelry and keys. I was giddy when she let me have it!

IMG_2619 (2)_opt


The frames are very new (as of last weekend) and if you look closely, you’ll see the red Target clearance stickers on the glass.

IMG_2629 (2)_opt


You can sorta see the layout here – the chalkboard wall in the kitchen is barely visible and behind that navy curtain is our washer/dryer. To the far left is our entry and the dining is, obviously, under the chandelier.

That sectional has a 3rd piece – a chaise – which is why there isn’t an arm on the other end. We loooove it, but it doesn’t fit. So, it got shoved into the junk room for now. 😦

IMG_2635 (2)_opt


IMG_2639 (2)_opt


We have no overhead lighting/ceiling fan in this room and we’ve been told an electrician would be $$$ given the slant of the ceiling and lack of attic above. So, we rounded up lots of lamps and a stand fan (because we’re classy like that).

Our previous house was (much) larger but the downstairs living space was much smaller so we are really liking the additional space in the areas that we actually spend the most time.


4 thoughts on “Our Living/Dining Room

  1. Hey Aimee!!

    I love your living room! I remember seeing this when you first posted it, and I’m currently refinishing my living room and looking for a pale blue for the walls. I love the way your walls look!! Would you share your wall color with me?

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