Our Guest Room

Living many miles from our friends and family in Texas mean that our guest room is used a lot more often! It’s been a work in progress but just like everything house related, company coming motivates me to start pulling things together.

I’m still pondering what – if anything – to put above the bed and on the windows but for now, it’s a space that I’m happy with. The paint color came with the house. The previous owners had a boy and a girl and this was, obviously, the boy’s room. I didn’t want to paint another wall so I decided to embrace the blue for now since I didn’t hate it and go with a bed/bedding/decor that’ll translate into another paint color down the road.

This was the room before with the sellers stuff:


And now:




Yep, those are re-purposed tray tables! We had a set of 4 that we didn’t want any longer so I painted two of them white and used them as bedside tables. I’m still on the hunt for table accessories.




{that luggage rack is from The Beach Club @ Disney World! Bought it at the cast member store onsite and my mom flew it home to Ft Worth as her carry on LOL}

Who’s coming to see us next? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Our Guest Room

  1. Lauren says:

    You did such an awesome job!! Very inviting space. Do you mind sharing where you got your duvet cover and headboard? I’m on the hunt for both, but am not able to find them in the colors I am looking for.

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