When the husband is away… {psst – we now have a chalkboard wall!}

I’m SO behind on posting updates from here on the East Coast – we’ve been SUPER busy!

A few weeks ago, Jason had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Honduras. Same children’s home I visited last summer but this trip was exclusively construction based – a group of 13 men went and worked practically sun up from sun down. I hope to share pics of that, soon, too.

While he was gone, I decided to do some projects around the house. I’m a late night person but when he’s home, I can’t do anything too noisy while he’s sleeping. So just about every evening he was gone, I worked on a house project until 1 or 2 in the morning and got so much accomplished!

One of the things I did was paint a chalkboard wall in our kitchen. We have an odd half-wall that is removed from the cooking area of the kitchen but it was begging to have something fun done with it. I think little random walls are the best at doing high impact designs!

A chalkboard wall is easy but does take a few days to finish so I started it practically before he landed in Honduras!

This was after 1 coat:



This is after 2 coats…



And after 3!



After you finish the final coat, it needs to cure for at least 3 days. THEN you get to take your white chalk and rub it all over the surface!



{this is super fun!}

I used a jumbo sidewalk chalk and it STILL took half the piece to do just this little wall.



It’s best to not use a chalkboard eraser but instead a rag or damp paper towel to erase with.

This is what the final project looked like:



You could leave it as-is but I added some artwork to it – which I’ll post soon!


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