House Update: Entryway!

We’ve been slowly (and I mean SLOWLY) working on the house and finally just about finished our entryway so I wanted to share!

This was the entryway with the previous owners stuff:


First up, we painted! We chose a light gray for the entry, dining, and (eventually) kitchen and hallway. This is a pretty good snapshot of the color:


We collect stretched canvas paintings – some prints, some originals – so we used the ones we already had as a starting point. Eventually, we hope to cover the entire space but we got a good start!



We found the chest at a local antique store and it serves as GREAT storage for my ever-growing seasonal decor and servingware collection. We switched out the original wood knobs for the blue glass ones but otherwise, left the paint as-is.

The decor on the top change with the season but this is what it looks like right now. That little succulent under the glass cloche? I’ve kept it alive for about 4 months now! Succulents for the win!


Jason’s grandmother hand embroidered some “days of the week” dishtowels for us a few years ago and, not wanting to ruin them with regular use, I stored them away. But then they were out of sight. So, my awesome mother in law transformed them into throw pillows instead! They were perfect to display in this huge basket my great uncle gifted us.


The dogs love when we leave open the door and let them peek out. Unfortunately, they quickly lose that privilege when they decide to bark at anything going past 🙂


We switched out the lighting to a schoolhouse style and I looooove it. So much I think we’re going to put them down the hall, too.


This is the other wall, which only has 3 paintings on it right now. The cows are a nod to our Fort Worth home – we picked it up in the Fort Worth Stockyards! I love that we can see it from the living room since it’s my favorite.


A new front door is definitely on the short list of updates soon to happen – we’re not digging the style or the color. And… I might add a rug, if I can find the perfect one. But other than that – we’re calling it DONE!


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