Weekend trip to Charleston {part 2)

{click the image to enlarge them!}

We stayed right over the bridge from downtown, and the hotel faced a marina. The hotel was fine (La Quinta) and while not walking distance, still very close and easy to get to downtown.



{I think it would be rad to have a boat. And we should totally bring back the word rad.}

On Sunday, the weather was GORGEOUS. Not a cloud in the sky! I wanted to check out some of the amazing historical homes near the water so we went back downtown and walked along the seawall, checking out the architecture.





And we had to drive by Rainbow Row, of course!


We drove over the other side of downtown into the Mount Pleasant area. Our plan initially was to visit Patriot’s Point but after Friday’s full day of walking, and Saturday’s full day of walking, I had resigned to the fact that I was not going to be able to navigate through a huge ship, submarine, and other stuff. Though I was perfectly fine to wander off on my own while they visited it, the guys sorta decided that we really didn’t have enough time to see it all so we would save our money and wait until we had a good 4-5 hour block to spend there.

But that didn’t stop us from sneaking in the back parking lot to snap pictures!


For lunch, we stopped at a sorta tucked away restaurant in Mount Pleasant – Shem Creek Bar and Grill. Because it was a Sunday, the brunch menu was also available. It was a bit chilly outside so we opted to dine indoors but they do have a large deck overlooking none other than Shem Creek!



Jason chose the Crabwich – an open faced crab salad sandwich with swiss cheese and crab sauce. I don’t think I snagged a bite but his plate was clean in the end so it must have been delicious!


Brother went for the Seafood Omelet, which was stuffed full of shrimp, scallops, fish, and crab. He chose creamed spinach for his side.


Dad, still on an all-scallop diet, went for the Grilled Scallops with fried okra and creamed spinach.


I chose the Blue Cheese and Bacon Salmon, which really ended up being all my favorite foods in one bowl. Grilled salmon on a bed of creamy grits topped with crispy bacon pieces and blue cheese. I mean, hello?! Mine also came with a side and I ordered collard greens again; these were slap yo’ momma tasty and 10x better than the ones last night, and those were darn tasty already! I need to learn how to properly cook collards… I’ve never attempted them before!


This was a great choice for brunch – good portions, relaxing atmosphere, and very reasonable prices. A true hidden gem! (we learned about it from a friend!)

Once we finished, we went in search of a beach. This was a really scientific process… it involved looking at Google Maps on my phone and driving towards the blue stuff. Really. Awesome part is that the ocean was 10 minutes from the restaurant so we didn’t have to go far! I’m not sure what beach we were at, or where we were, but it seemed to be an area that catered to the beach visitors and had nice beachfront houses.

There is something ridiculously peaceful about standing on the edge of the ocean, isn’t there?


When we finished there, we talked through our options and decided to check out a Charleston “attraction” that I had found through Googling – Angel Oak Tree. This massive oak tree is estimated to be 300-400 years old and stands 65 feet high and has a circumference of 25.5 feet. Pictures cannot do this tree justice – it truly is magnificent.




This tree is tucked away on a dirt road off on Johns Island. It’s now protected by a fence and operating hours and even has a small gift shop. It’s free to stop and visit. But they won’t let you climb it (it’d be a PERFECT climbing tree!).

See how small Jason looks next to it?


{can you tell he’s super thrilled to be asked to stand there for a comparison picture?}

When we finished there, we opted to start the trek home. Jason did have to be at work the next morning, and I had plans to hit the outlet mall before leaving town.

Charleston has so much cool stuff to do and we barely scratched the surface! I can’t wait to get back there and see some more of it. I’m so thankful to be just a few hours away now!


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