Our first visitors! {day trip to Asheville}

Last weekend, my dad and brother came to visit us! Instead of just hanging around the house, we wanted to get out and do some of the cool attractions we have within driving distance. On their first full day here, we headed to the mountains to check out Asheville. Our first stop – the Biltmore!

{click on the images to see them larger}




The weather was the very definite of yucky. Cold, wet, windy.



The house takes about 1.5 hours to tour. During this time of year, when it’s slower, they give you a free audio tour to use – which was really informative. The house is massive but not all of it is available to see – lots still being restored. Windy stairs, lots of walking, and my legs were TIRED. But I was pretty proud that I did it.

Also on the property is the old stable, now a handful of shops and eateries, located right next to the house. This is also where the restroom is (no usable restrooms in the house while touring!). Word to the wise – go before you start the tour!


After you leave the house, you can wander the garden located nearby. Did I mention it was cold? And wet?

Really, there was nothing living right now so we slowly drove through just to check it out. We’ll have to come back when it’s warmer!


After you wind through the gardens and some of the massive property, you drive past Antler Hill Village, a relatively new shopping and dining area. The winery and the Inn are also located in the village. It was mostly deserted, thanks to the weather, but we stopped to check things out.


Also located there is George Vanderbilt’s 1913 Stevens-Duryea C-Sixthey ~

After we finished all that we wanted to see on the property, we went downtown to check things out. I had been to Asheville before and remembered the downtown area as a cool, hippy vibe with some unique stores and eateries. While still cold, it wasn’t raining so we ducked in and out of warm stores and galleries as we made our way down the streets.



For an early dinner, I had scoped out the local offerings and chose Early Girl Eatery. It had a good, southern menu at really affordable prices. And, it’s national reviews didn’t hurt either 🙂


I posted more about the food on my food blog if you want to check it out.

After a GREAT meal, we hit up the local dog bakery for some goodies for the pups (yep, I’m THAT girl) and a local coffee shop for a warm beverage for the drive down.

All in all, a very full but fun day. And the next morning we went to Charleston! I’ll post that next. 🙂


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