Leaves, leaves, leaves!

One of the things I’ve absolutely loved about Charlotte are the trees. Huge, remarkable, gorgeous trees that are so beyond what is found even in East Texas. Our new house has 35ish mature trees in the backyard, which creates privacy, shade, and natural landscaping.

Unfortunately, trees also mean leaves this time of year! Something we’ve never dealt with.

We watched others in our neighborhood spend time bagging leaves while others simply blew them to other parts of their yard. Jason kept mowing over them to mulch them down but they were so thick, we couldn’t just use that method. Part of our yard was “natural” and without grass so we could just blow them in that area but realistically speaking, that takes a long time to do.

Jason decided we’d do a mix. The leaves close to that part of the yard would get blown off the grass and the rest would get bagged. Whatever was left would be mulched by the lawnmower.

First purchase? A rake.

Part of the house had covers over the rain gutters and part don’t so he blew them all out to avoid a clog. Lots of the trees hang over our house and drop leaves.

Jason pulled them into piles and then we started bagging… and bagging…

This cutie pie thought humans outside = time to play fetch. He dropped the ball at our feet, launched it into piles of leaves, anything to get it thrown.

This is part of the “natural aka no grass” part of the yard. My plan? Adirondack chairs and a homemade fire pit (not just a bowl, like we’ve had previously). Would be awesome, right?

Since there are no trees in our front lawn, we didn’t have near the leaf action as the back. Whew!

It took a the daylight hours of a Saturday to bag, plus multiple mulching trips via the mower, so we are still considering whether or not this will become a hired out task in the future. But it’s done for this year!


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