We sold our Texas house!

                                {October 2005 – taken the day we put down money on it!)

We really didn’t think it’d sell. Matter of fact, we’d already touched base with a family interested in doing a long term rent. Since being a landlord isn’t something we were super excited about, we held off on renting in order to give it a chance to sell on its own.

Initially, we listed it for the amount it’d take to break even after closing costs and realtor fees. It was, admittedly, a bit higher than the specs in our area but we figured we’d aim high initially.

After 3 months, we only had 3 showings. We had to do something more if we were going to get serious about it selling. So, we dropped the price.

In one weeks time, we had 3 showings. By the end of the second week, we had 4 more and a cash offer. We were actually in Myrtle Beach when we got details on the offer.

Though we had to bring a substantial amount of money to closing, the offer was good and we decided to try and make it happen. So, from the comfort of our beach front hotel room we scrambled to try and “find” the additional money we had to bring to the table.

The buyer wanted to close in 7 days but the title company couldn’t make it happen that fast. They pushed it another week out. We did our part and secured the additional funds. After the inspection, we ended up readjusting the price due to some needed repairs (which meant “finding” more money!) but we stuck with it. It started to look like it was really going to happen!

We signed/notarized a stack of paperwork, overnighted it all, and wired the money. Then we waited.

And waited.

{I truly wasn’t sure this was really going to happen so we told very few people that it was even in the works. I didn’t breathe a word of it on Facebook. I think was afraid I’d jinx it!}

Finally, at 5:15 last Friday afternoon, we got the call from our realtor that it was a done deal and by Monday, our mortgage read zero online.

Deep. Breath.

I was weirdly emotional about the whole thing. I felt like I really didn’t get closure in that house due to my broken leg. I never got to walk the house again, or help pack, or take any last pictures. Since I broke my leg 2 minutes after arriving home that weekend, it just didn’t happen. And while it wasn’t our first home together, it was the first house we chose, bought, and furnished together. It held a lot of memories of our family. It was also the end of a chapter in our lives –  one that won’t be reopened. We lived there due to my position at a church and with that came many, many relationships. Of course the house being gone doesn’t mean the relationships are but it is a final ‘it’s over’ mark for us. It stirred up memories of goodbyes for me.

I’m just thankful I was alone at home for my mini-meltdown.

The house being sold is truly TRULY a blessing for us. I hope the new owners love it as much as we did!


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