I made my own planner – and so can you!

I live by my planner and am completely lost without it. Not only does it record all my work related activities, but also serves as our social calendar.

I’m a strictly paper girl. I’ve tried to go electronic and it just doesn’t work with the way I process things. I need to write it and see it. But, I also don’t want pages and pages of calendaring stuff. I want the monthly calendar, laid out in all it’s glory, and a wee bit of space to jot things down.

For years, I’ve used this calendar and it’s worked great.

But it’s sorta boring.

And everyone in the office has the same one.

So when Jenna Sue shared a FREE template for a so not boring {and so not like everyone else’s!} calendar on her blog, I knew it was meant to be.

Now, my planner makes me smile. And it’s cute. And I adore it.

{I think my male colleagues are totally jealous.}

The cover

It really wasn’t that time consuming, either. Print, trim the edges, laminate the front and back, and have Office Depot spiral bind it for you. Jenna Sue did all the hard work!

An inside divider page – each month has different colors that coordinate with the season

One of the monthly pages. Large enough to write in the boxes, and bonus room for notes!

Stop by Jenna Sue’s website for the download and step by step instructions if you’re interested in making your own 🙂


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