Walking in sand with a broken leg is no bueno.

Walking in sand with a broken leg is no bueno.

But I did it anyways. Sorta.

{I found a tire track that I could walk in… but just a small stretch completely wiped me out.}

My dreams of a day spent on the beach, reading… walking… praying and pondering…  not at all realistic for someone whose leg is still busted. Level ground + Aimee = love.

We decided to escape to the beach for a long weekend. Jason had some vacation days to use up and I wanted to celebrate my newfound ability to walk again. And, quite frankly, I was super stoked to live so close to the ocean and wanted to see it for myself.

{in Texas, we have the Gulf of Mexico. It’s really not the same thing}

A great deal popped up for a resort in Myrtle Beach. I’ve been intrigued with Myrtle Beach since I was a kid. You see, I wore. out. our copy of Shag. Ever since then, it’s been on my list of places to visit. Just to say I did.

Myrtle Beach is just 175 miles or so from our house – though it takes around 3.5 hours to get there. It’s an easy drive through small towns in South Carolina ~ produce stands, quirky gas stations, and cotton fields. During the off season, Myrtle Beach is half mostly dead. Lots of things near the strand are closed. The sidewalks roll up around dark. The hotels aren’t full. There was no shagging to be seen, and unlike Shag the movie – the crowd was the complete opposite of teenagers. We were vacationing with the retirement crowd.

And it was bliss.

Quiet. Slow. CHEAP.

My goal for the weekend? Read Rachel Held Evan’s newest book, rest, see the sights, and spend time with Jason.

Jason’s goal for the weekend? Play golf.

(There are over 120 courses in Myrtle Beach alone!)

Myrtle Beach reminded us of Orlando in a lot of ways. Lots of tourist trap shopping, seafood restaurants, family attactions that cost a small fortune (amusement parks, putt putt, etc), and dinner shows. In some areas, it feels a bit seedy just like it does on International Drive in Orlando. The difference, of course, is that Myrtle Beach was mostly a ghost town while Orlando never is.

On our first night there, we hit up the outlet mall and then had a quiet dinner at The Chesapeake House. I ordered crab cakes while Jason went for the baked flounder (covered in crab meat). Each dinner came with a ton of food – a bread basket with homemade cinnamon rolls and hushpuppies, a salad, cup of fish stew, and a side!

The service was a bit slow but the food was tasty!

On the first full day, we hit the golf course. This was how I spent the day:

Book. Coffee. Nature.

While Jason played:


I decided that we need to open up our own golf course. It should be themed – just like putt putt courses are. Think of the possibilities! I think golfers would enjoy the added theming and decor.

Our golf course would also offer wi-fi. Really, in this day and age would it hurt them to offer it?

Our golf course would have a restroom on at least every 3rd hole. Drinking coffee + 9 holes = a LONG time to wait. Just sayin’

{for those not in the know on golf courses… the main bathroom is in the pro shop, which you usually pass by on the way to the 10th hole. Sometimes there is also an additional restroom on the back 9. But it’s usually gross.}

A Starbucks on property wouldn’t hurt either.


When he finished, we checked out Broadway at the Beach. Broadway at the Beach is a Downtown Disney/CityWalk type area with shopping, gift shops, attractions, and restaurants. It was great weather to walk around and I – through the magic of Ibuprofen – successfully walked the entire thing!

We had dinner on the patio at Liberty Steakhouse and Brewery. And while I know it’s a chain (we’ve not been to one yet), I have to admit Jason’s steak was ah.ma.zing. Tender, flavorful, and a decent price. I was jealous.

We tried the pimento cheese bites – which were yummy!

And I got the Reuben sandwich

Good atmosphere and food!

After dinner we stopped at the candy store there and acted like little kids in a… well, a candy store!

Rice crispy treats!

Giant candy!

Giant Reese’s Cups

Look at the size of those gummy bears!


Jason played the next day as well but I opted to just drop him off and head out on my own. I had big plans of shopping but instead found myself driving back to the hotel where I opened the sliding door to our room so I could hear the waves and read my book until he was finished.

It was lovely.

Our hotel had a huge dock that we only visited once. It was a trek from our room and I’m still fairly pitiful when it comes to walking long distances (especially when it’s on grass/sand and not concrete). Thanks to the wind, it was chilly but beautiful to stand out over the water looking out into the darkness. There was a swing that I could have sat on for hours…

We had a great time exploring this little part of the world and getting away for a weekend of rest and renewal. Next weekend getaway will be to the mountains!


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