Halloween Costume: Starbucks Cup!

In my search for 1) cheap 2) MODEST and 3) unique costumes, I came across this homemade Starbucks cup costume that someone pinned on Pinterest. Um, hello? Perfect for this Starbucks addict!

I went to Lowes and picked out the cheapest and lightest weight trashcan. It was ~$15. I also picked up some black bungee cords to use for straps ($7) and white spray paint {the kind meant for plastic – about $5 a can. I used two}.

I went to town spray painting it white. And I’m really bad at spray painting… but in the end, it didn’t matter too much.

Though the real cup usually has a logo on both the sleeve and the cup, free handing the logo wasn’t easy so I opted to just do the sleeve. And, it’s WAY easier to paint on cardboard than a round trashcan!

We have plenty of boxes laying around from our love so I cut apart a smaller one to use.

I sketched it out first in pencil…

{I pulled up the logo on my phone and just referred to it as I drew/painted}

Then I did a layer of paint and let it dry overnight:

Once the spray paint was completely dry, I cut the bottom out of it for my legs. I used a drill to puncture a couple of holes in it and then a jigsaw for the rest. Since it wasn’t seen, I wasn’t worried about being perfect.

We brainstormed the best way to attach the lid to my head and I decided to go cheap and just use rope around my neck. So, I used the drill to just put a couple holes on top to tie the rope through.

I went back two or three more times on the logo, trying to get it perfected. Never was perfect but for free handing it, I was content. Once that was all dry, I duct taped it to my trash can to finish the look!

Here I am in my trash can Starbucks cup 🙂 I wore black leggings and a black t-shirt to make it easy.

It was windy, so I nearly choked the first time the wind blew my lid off so I carried it the rest of the time. Notice the rope hanging across my face? 🙂

Psst… For those wondering, Jason went as…. Jason. Party pooper 🙂


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