Quick leg update

I saw my doctor on Thursday afternoon for another set of xrays and a check of the leg wound.

It still looks broken 😦 Somehow, I just expect it to heal between appointments so I can go back to normal. Over the weekend, a saleswoman at a furniture store asked me about my leg and said “those take about 6 weeks, right?” to which I laughed and said that no, unfortunately, mine won’t take just 6 weeks. It’s been 3 months and is slow going.

{She also told me that she sprained her ankle once and that “that is worse than a break” to which I smiled and nodded. I’m not a fan of comparing hardships but I’ve sprained my ankle and no, it wasn’t worse than this.}

Though I’m incredibly impatient, my doctor was pleased. The wound is improving daily, it seems, and the break is healing at a rate that he’s happy with. And, as long as the wound doesn’t change course, I don’t have to see him for another month!

Last visit, he told me to use a walker or crutches when walking, which I quickly ditched. I couldn’t carry anything when I was using one and it slowed me down. I’ve just been walking – carefully. My right leg gets tired FAST because I’m carrying most of my weight on that leg (without even meaning to) so I can’t walk near what I normally could but it’s something! I decided to walk all the way up to the doctor’s office and even down to the exam room (slowly, and I was exhausted, but it felt good). He watched me walk and just advised finding some shoes with a higher sole, since the boot is tall and it causes a lot of back/hip pain to be uneven. Didn’t have any concerns about the lack of crutches/walker. Whew.

So, until October 30 when I see him again this will continue to be my norm ~ walking as much as my leg/hip/back can take it and keeping an eye on the wound.

And I haven’t used the wheelchair in a week!


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