Charlotte Eats: Kennedy’s Irish Bar & Grill

Earlier this week, I had dinner with two friends at Kennedy’s. The weather was (is!) amazing so we wanted a spot with a great patio, which Kennedy’s definitely has. Even with Monday night football, we easily scored a table outside at 6pm (though it did fill up more as the night went on).

Kennedy’s is located in the Elizabeth area of Charlotte, not far from Uptown. Parking behind the restaurant is a bit chaotic but there is additional parking available across the street. Thankfully, I scored a spot onsite since making that long of a walk would have killed me!

On the patio/deck are several flatscreens to watch the game and they have music piped in. It’s (thankfully) not at all like an obnoxious sports grill that pipes in just the game and everyone is watching/cheering and you can’t carry on a conversation. But it’s there if you want to watch 🙂 When the sun starts to go down, the lighting on the deck is more noticeable:

The menu is definitely Irish inspired but also offers a lot of basic sports grill items – there is something for everyone. The drink menu is large with a full bar and several beers on tap. I thought the cocktail prices were fair at $7.77 each and the food prices were around the same as someplace like Chili’s. Check out their menu here!

I was tempted to try the Reuben (Corned beef with swiss cheese, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and grilled on rye bread $8.95) since I love them so – and my dad used to make them often when we were kids so they hold some nostalgia for me. Anytime a blue cheese burger is on a menu I’m tempted to order it because me + blue cheese  = love. I mean, this one is topped not only with my true love but also caramelized onions and roasted almonds! Be still my heart. But I was at an Irish restaurant… so I had to go Irish and order the fish and chips (served with fries, $10.95). I saw a review earlier that day that said they weren’t greasy at all so I knew I’d like them.

I’m one of those weird people that (usually) want to order something I don’t want to make at home. Sure, I could fry fish but then my house would smell like fish for a week, and I’d use up a huge amount of oil, and it’s messy. Why fry when you can buy?

That totally rhymed *snort*

I crack myself up.

Two of us decided on the fish and chips and it was a great choice. It’s hard to find good fried fish and this was definitely good.

Not greasy, good fish to batter ratio, good portion for the price, and I liked the fries as well. We were both happy campers and easily cleaned our plates. My other friend ordered the Galway Steak Sandwich (Thinly sliced flank steak topped with caramelized onions and provolone with Guinness au jus for dipping. Served with Fries- $9.95). It looked delicious, and she enjoyed it, but it was m.e.s.s.y. and really required a fork and knife to consume. Not that that’s a bad thing!

Jason was at home so before I left, I ordered the Dublin Broil for him (Thinly sliced flank steak served over mashed potatoes covered in Guinness gravy, served with choice of one side –  $13.95). He chose mac and cheese for his side to get the perfect carb carb ratio going on. He said it was tasty – and it looked amazing (I was fairly jealous).

The service was great; our waitress was always around, friendly, and patient when we were talking too much to actually look at the menu and decide what we wanted to order.

Jason is a big fan of All Things Irish so we’ll definitely be back!

Psst – Mondays are also all you can eat crab legs at Kennedy’s for $24.95 – and there was a lot of crab eating going on around us! Seems to be a popular promotion!


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