{A Much Delayed} Leg Update

I posted three weeks ago or so that there were complications with the leg resulting from the compound injury. The ortho surgeon I have been seeing here in Charlotte has been amazing and completely on top of things. His number 1 concern has been that infection going down to the bone so I’ve been seeing him every week to two weeks for awhile now to check on the status.

Last week, I saw him again after being on 1500mg of Cipro for 3 weeks. Last visit, he was threatening to go back into the OR to clean things out (yikes!) which I was desperately trying to avoid. Not only would another OR visit cost us $$$, it would also set back my recovery.

We did an x-ray this visit to 1) check the bone and 2) check to see if there were signs of infection. If there weren’t signs at this point, it was likely the wound was just superficial.

Here is a closer look at the break site:

I continue to be frustrated at just how SLOW bones heal. But, it does look improved from the last xray – just not enough for me 🙂 He also was very pleased with the wound! He felt like it was improved, it wasn’t as deep, and it didn’t show up on the x-ray. Unfortunately, he does like that silver nitrate stuff and I had to endure it again but as Jason pointed out, it’s better than a knife!

I’m also able to cut back on the Cipro to 750mg so hopefully the side effects will continue to taper off.

As far as mobility:

– I am free to walk with a walker/crutches, however I don’t use either most of the time…

– That said, I do unknowingly carry the weight on my right leg because it wears out FAST so I struggle with walking for very long

– It hurts almost all the time, but he said that’s 100% normal and nothing to worry about. I can usually handle the pain without meds but towards the end of the day, esp if I walked quite a bit, it’s quite unbearable

– I don’t have to wear the (#$^$@) boot, it just shows people that there is something going on and to please be careful around me. I do wear it at church, out in public, and around children as a means of protection. It hurts to walk with it on – and I’m better off barefoot – but I deal.

– My foot/ankle now swell only when I’m on my feet awhile and it goes down easily. However, there must be some ongoing swelling that’s not real noticeable because I can’t get into any of my shoes 😦

Dr DuPuy and I will continue our biweekly dates but as long as he’s not threatening surgery, I think we’ll continue to have a great relationship (he truly is AMAZING)


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