A Tale of Two Dishwashers

Our house came with older/low end white appliances. We had already decided to bring our range and fridge (which meant buying a replacement range for our house in TX!), and we knew we had to buy a microwave, but there was this white dishwasher that was a source of lively conversation in our house.

My feeling was that if it worked, we should stick with it and use our (limited) funds for other needed items.

Jason felt like it was old, white, and ugly and he wanted a new one now.

Our decision was made for us the first time we ran dishes. Yeah, no bueno. Jason was thrilled! I was bummed.

Jason did a lot of research online and looked for the best deal, which ended up being at Home Depot. They had free delivery/haul away but charged $49 for installation on a dishwasher. Jason said that if plumbing was involved, he wasn’t going to touch it so we forked over the $49 to have someone come do it for us.

Thankfully, I was able to schedule Harley (Shih Tzu) and Lucy (Miniature Schnauzer) for a grooming on delivery/install day so I just had Winston to wrangle. Much to my surprise, when he doesn’t have the other two around, he’s a total angel with people in the house! He quickly became the installers BFF and felt the need to supervise:

When the installer went to his truck to load our old dishwasher, Winston laid at the back door and waited patiently for his return:

Adorable, right?

I’m so glad we didn’t attempt to DIY this project. The installer, who knows what he’s doing, was here over an hour!

Once it was in place, it made the world of difference in the appearance of the kitchen.

When we ran our first load, it was obvious we made the right choice to replace the old icky one. Clean dishes are a must!


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