Thank you, Craigslist

White appliances just aren’t our thing. Maybe in another kitchen they would work but not in ours. Since the existing fridge and stove were not great anyways, replacing them with ours made perfect sense ~ and, it was a win-win that we were also able to change out the finish in the process!

For several weeks, we had two refrigerators and two ranges in our kitchen. Which meant the kitchen table/chairs was relocated to the dining room, and so on and so forth. We needed to unload those suckers FAST.

I listed both items individually, with as much info about them as I knew (which, to be honest, ain’t much). I wanted $100 for the fridge so I listed it at $125, and I wanted $40 for the stove, so I listed it at $50. I almost immediately received multiple emails about both – most of which made me scratch my head.

Just as an aside: between Facebook and Craigslist, I think all hope in having a literate society is gone.

Wanting to clear these out quickly, I responded back to all those that were legible (and didn’t ask stupid questions) to set up a time for them to come see it. Not surprisingly, I didn’t get a response from many of the follow-up emails. I’m not sure why people bother asking about an item if they aren’t seriously interested but they do.

I spoke with a guy by phone about the stove and scheduled a time for him to come. We waited… and waited… and no show. No call, no email, nothing.

At this point, I was fairly annoyed but determined to unload these items.

I waited a few days and relisted. Again, heard from several people within minutes – including one that was interested in BOTH items I had listed. I was busy on a conference call so I forwarded the email to Jason for him to call her back immediately. Could we really get someone to buy both in one swoop?!

She had just moved into a rental house that had neither appliance and was desperate. Winner, winner, chicken dinner – desperation to the rescue!

She arranged help, a truck, and a dolly and planned to come that same night. Jason agreed to help them load. I hid in the bedroom with the dogs (thanks to my leg, I’m just an obstacle to get around and, well, they act like fools around company).

30 minutes later, our kitchen was reclaimed and we were $150 richer (actually got $10 more than I expected!)

So nice to finally check that off the list!


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