Charlotte Eats: Sullivan’s {Jason’s Birthday!}

Thanks to my leg, we haven’t been able to explore our new city much at all. Getting into restaurants is so taxing, and a pain in the rear, that I would just rather not. However, Tuesday was Jason’s birthday and he deserved a night out of the house.

His request was (predictably) steak. I did what any sane person would do and went to Facebook to ask my Charlotte friends for a good steak place here. A few were thrown out so we checked out the menus and went for Sullivan’s. Though I was looking for non-chain, Sullivan’s doesn’t have any locations near DFW so I figured that was close enough! (I also learned that unlike Cowtown, aka Fort Worth, steakhouses in Charlotte are not a dime a dozen)

For the summer, Sullivan’s is offering a 3 course for two menu for $79:

Starter options: wedge salad, caesar salad, mixed green salad, or chilled asparagus bisque

Entree options: salmon fillet, shrimp francese, roast chicken, or filet mignon

Side options: horseradish mashed potatoes, creamed corn, broccoli with garlic, baked potato, steamed asparagus, or skillet steak mushroom caps

Dessert options: bananas foster bread pudding, key lime pie, chocolate mousse, or New York style cheesecake

I steered clear of the salad, since I could get that anywhere, and opted for the asparagus bisque. Jason (surprisingly) chose the same!  It was really delicious and rich. The best part was the lump crab meat that was added as garnish. Yum!

We both went for the filet (duh!) but chose seperate potato sides – he, the mashed potatoes, and me, the baked potato (which is dressed tableside). Both filets were thick, well seasoned, and properly cooked. They were very tender and melt in your mouth delicious. The potatoes were a perfect match with the steak.

For dessert, I went for the cheesecake and Jason didn’t hesitate a second before ordering bread pudding – his favorite dessert. I had my dessert packed to-go but he ate his there. I tasted it, and while it was way too bananay for me it was very well done. It made him a happy birthday boy!

I got full fast so most of my steak and potato went with us so he actually got two steak meals. One that night and the rest of mine for lunch the next day.

Overall, it was a great experience. We made a reservation but really didn’t need one on a Tuesday night. Our waiter was very good and the atmosphere was casual enough to be comfortable but not family dining, either. Valet at the door is a HUGE plus for me right now and I successfully went with just my walker that night.

For a great quality steak, and huge portions, the dine for 2 special was a good value. Other items on their menu looked equally delicious so we’ll definitely be back soon!

(you’ll notice the absence of food photos. Jason said it would embarass him if I took pics so I restrained myself… but only because it was his birthday 🙂 )


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