And then there was light!

The house is a total wreck of boxes and packing paper but that didn’t stop us from installing some under cabinet lighting!

Truth be told, it was on the “long list” of things we needed to do but when we came across these cordless LED lights at Costco, it made sense to go ahead and pick them up. All you Costco fans know that things don’t always stick around a long time.

We had installed lighting in our Texas house, too, but they were wired and had to be plugged in so it looked a little clunky. These seemed to offer a more professional look, and because they are bars instead of round lights (which we had previously), more surface was covered.

The overhead lighting in the kitchen isn’t great so that, combined with the dark cabinets, made for some really dark working surfaces. Since I cook a lot, we knew additional lighting was a must.

Jason doesn’t waste any time and went to install the new lighting almost immediately. This was how I found him in the kitchen:

The lights do have to be screwed into the bottom of the cabinet so you want them to be exactly right before drilling. Have no fear, Jason is a maniac when it comes to measuring, leveling, and measuring again. Since he’s really good at math, his measuring is even correct!

We played around with where to place them. If we centered them, the light was half on the wall, half on the counter. Though it’s probably not the “right way” to do it, we opted to put them flush against the front of the cabinet so the entire counter was illuminated when they were on. Doing this also gave us him the bonus of not having to measure the center of the cabinet.

So much better! It’s amazing what some additional lighting can do for a space. And of course, cooking is much more fun when you can see what you’re doing!


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