Houston, we have a microwave! {aka, my husband rocks.}

When we purchased the house, we knew the kitchen was going to be one of the first things we tackled. They already put in brand new cabinets, hardware, and granite but the appliances needed some help. The previous owner used a wheelchair exclusively; due to that, they did not install an over the range microwave but instead had a countertop one that moved with them.

For our first “big” house purchase, we headed to H.H.Gregg and bought one. H.H.Gregg is new to us but they beat out everyone’s prices so we gave them a shot. We had good service, easy check out, and it was available when promised.

We’re not brand loyal. We were, once, but we got burned and decided that from then on, each model had to be judged on it’s own accord, instead of just buying the brand name. We did our research and decided to go with LG. Not only did it get good reviews, I also thought it was the prettiest 🙂

Built-in microwaves are fairly heavy and bulky. We had already had an offer from a church member to come over and help hold it but neither one of us are good at asking for help. So, we attempted it ourselves.

First, Jason measured (and measured) to decide where exactly the enclosed diagram needed to be taped to the wall and underside of the cabinet. The paper had to be trimmed down, and we had no idea where scissors were. We finally remembered there was a pair in his hair trimming kit. Then, we had to tape it into place. Again, no idea where tape was. Jason scoured the house and found a short length of packing tape that was mostly still sticky that I could cut into small pieces and make work. We were thisclose to resorting to band-aids!

Next, he screwed in the mounting plate so we could hang the microwave up. Jason lifted that bad boy all by himself and held it in place while I stood on one leg and squished the power cord up into the upper cabinet. At this point, we realized he needed a step ladder to see the upper cabinet better so I stood on one leg and held it up while he ran through the obstacle course of boxes that is our house and grabbed the ladder. After that, getting it screwed into place wasn’t too difficult and we held our breath and let go.


We both think it looks fabulous with the cabinetry and countertop!



PS: The white range isn’t staying, either. I brought mine from Texas! We hope to switch that out ASAP.


One thought on “Houston, we have a microwave! {aka, my husband rocks.}

  1. April morrow says:

    Wow! I’m impressed with you Tim the Toolman prowess!!! It looks great! Can’t wait to see the final kitchen product!! In the meantime, I’ll be glad to whip you up some more Showmars anytime!! Love ya!! April

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