You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

I saw my ortho surgeon first thing this morning to check on the leg; it’s been 5 weeks since I saw him last. Here is what my xray looks like now, 6 or so weeks post injury/operation.

I looked at those, while waiting on him to come in, and thought “darn, it’s still broken!” When he came in, he said they are looking perfect and right on track. Just much slower than I’d like!


The wound I had from the initial injury (caused by the bone splintering) is now infected and doesn’t look good. I knew I was running fever on and off, and even called his office a few weeks ago about it, but they didn’t seem concerned so neither was I. I could also see something was going on but was so busy I just stuck a band-aid on it and kept going.

Turns out there really was something going on!

He was super concerned, actually. Even consulted with two other surgeons in the office and kept coming back into the room. Eventually, he opted to clean it (OUCH!) and try antibiotics for a week. If it’s not significantly better by next week when I see him again, we’re going back into the OR. We can’t run the risk of a bone infection – since that’s what initially caused the wound – and you don’t mess with bone infections!

Another surgery at this point would slow down my recovery, not to mention hit us in the wallet big time, so please join us in praying that it responds quickly to antibiotics and doesn’t require any additional help.

I’m starting the antibiotic tonight and I see him next Tuesday afternoon. Heal, leg, heal!


3 thoughts on “You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

  1. karen gilbert says:

    Amiee – I do hope the antibiotics work and can arrest the infection in the bone! I’m praying for that and for you as you continue healing! it’s not something to mess around with!


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