Snapshots of a Week {}

1) We mostly unpacked the kitchen last weekend. And by we I mean Jason unpacked 90% of it while we decided together where things would go.

2) Jason assembled our giant, pain in the rear Ikea bookcase. Since so much “stuff” belonged on it, it made sense to get it up. My only contribution was helping stand it up at the end.

3) Winston is skeered of the floors and rarely moves off the couch. This was his spot while we worked on the kitchen (Harley and Lucy gladly “helped” unpack).

4) On my pre-camp Walmart trip (one of the few downsides of children’s ministry!), I finally got to drive an electric wheelchair. Sadly, it wasn’t nearly as fun as I had hoped but got the job done. Notice the waterguns and sidewalk chalk? Total camp essentials.

5) A view from camp. Thanks to the generosity of a church member, I had a borrowed golf cart to use all week. Now THAT was doublemint fun.

6) One of our campers for the week. On our last night, I got to watch one just inches from me through the blinds in our cabin while she sniffed out the porch. Awesome creatures!

7) Cute, right?

8) Winston’s new favorite spot during the day – it offers prime viewing to the backyard. Sadly, if we can’t break him of this habit, my cushions will be as flat as pancakes by next month. 😦

{While I was gone, Jason RESTED ~ which he desperately needed and deserved}


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