6 hours, 4 movers, 190 boxes, and WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!

Yesterday was moving day! Jason took the dogs to doggie daycare for one last time and then onto work while I headed over to the house to meet the movers, along with the DirectTV, internet, water, and gas person.

This is how the house looked before the movers got there – nice, clean, and spacious:

They were due between 8am-10am and around 930, they came rolling up the street.

Interestingly, we opted to not go with Allied and instead North American but the truck was Allied. Hmm.

The crew of four were amazingly helpful and did a great job. It rained on them all morning, so much of our boxes got damp coming in, but they said they’d take the rain over the blazing sun anyday!

About 3 hours in, I swore that they must be close to finishing as the house was getting pretty packed. Surely we didn’t have THAT much stuff, right? I inquired and they said the truck wasn’t even half empty yet 😦 Yee, gads, where was all this going to go?!

Due to our move, and my broken leg, I wasn’t there for the packing OR the loading of our stuff. Therefore, I had no idea how things were done. I also knew that a lot of stuff that was not supposed to be packed (ie, donations or trash) was because my surgery was happening while the packers were at the house and neither one of us were there to make those calls. Packers will pack anything not moving!

As things came through, we tried to make out what the description said and I just made a quick call on what room they should put it in. There were 190 boxes total (that includes all the stuff from my work office as well) in addition to all the furniture.

We have quite a bit to sell, and we had to tweak some of our plans once the furniture got here and we realized it wouldn’t fit.

This was the state of the house after they left:

(we now have two refrigerators – both plugged in and working – and two ranges.)

Yep, that’s a recliner on my side of the bed.

Unfortunately, with me still mostly in a wheelchair (or on one leg), I am really limited in how much I can do and get around. We successfully got our bedroom in shape enough to sleep last night which was really the most important thing anyways. Tonight, we worked more on the living room and Jason hooked up the washer and dryer so we could do some laundry.

We don’t have TV yet, which means I’m missing my beloved Olympic coverage. DirectTV decided we had too many trees to get a good HD signal unless the dish was on a pole in the middle of our front lawn. We decided against that and went with cable instead. They will be here Saturday. Otherwise, water, electric, gas, and internet are all up and going!

Anyone want to unpack a box?


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