Introducing Our New House!

When we bought in Fort Worth, we bought new construction, in a suburb, (too) large, two story, small lot, no trees, etc etc. For this house, I wanted just about the opposite – and thankfully, we found just that!

Our new house is over 30 years old and part of an established, well maintained neighborhood inside the city limits. It’s one story, on half an acre, and on a cul de sac. It has tons of trees and shade – something that was really important to me. It’s also about a thousand square feet smaller… which means, we still have some furniture to sell!

(these were all taken with the sellers stuff)

Living/Dining Room:

Office addition:


Hallway to bedrooms:

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2:

Hall bathroom:

Master bedroom:

Master bath:


The list of projects are long, and we can’t wait to get started!


2 thoughts on “Introducing Our New House!

  1. Angie Gaddis Loza says:


    That is the cutest house! Love the backyard! I bet you guys will have fun making it “yours”!! 🙂

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