Are we celebrating our 10 year anniversary in our new house?

That would be a no.

But it’s better news than it COULD be.

This afternoon at 3:30pm, things looked promising so we dropped the dogs at daycare and went ahead to the lawyers office to wait on the documents to be sent. By 4:00pm they were there so we signed our lives away and turned in the downpayment check. We closed!

Well, not really.

The documents have to be recorded (with the city? county? state? the wizard? I have no idea). Until that’s done, the funds aren’t released and it’s not officially ours.

Which means we can’t have keys.

They stop accepting documents at 4:30 p.m. and due to the delays, we couldn’t get there by then.


Our realtor has been dumbfounded by the unprofessionalism and errors made by our mortgage company. Even the lawyer mentioned it! Interestingly enough, he now has another client with them and they, too, are having similar issues.

We finished at the lawyers office with enough time to have dinner together, in a restaurant, at a table, without the dogs, for our anniversary so we stopped at Cheesecake Factory. Hello, avocado eggrolls and blueberry mojito.

And now, we’re back at the hotel – our home away from home.


2 thoughts on “Are we celebrating our 10 year anniversary in our new house?

  1. Mary says:

    Good things come to those who wait. Herd that some where. Hang in there girl soon you will have a real bed to place your head. Thanks for the updates.

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