The house that almost was.

I recently went looking for our almost house and found it had been taken off the market. Perhaps he realized that selling it with all those issues was probably not going to happen? Since they aren’t listed online anymore, I felt okay about sharing pictures of it on the blog.

Looking at it, it’s still a gorgeous house. But – and a huge but – wide angle lenses can be deceiving and the house is actually much smaller than the one that will soon be ours. We were going to have to sell off a bunch of our furniture just to fit in it. And, the small kitchen was making this at-home-cook a wee bit nervous (I had already planned to take out a wall and expand it soon!).

Those hardwoods still make me swoon…

Front living room

Kitchen and breakfast nook

Dining Room

Family Room

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Hall Bath

Master Bedroom

Master Bath



Gorgeous house, right? Oh well. Just proves that paint and finishes can be deceiving!


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