Our Texas House

When we moved to Fort Worth, we bought our first house. It came to us, literally, as a blank slate and I quickly decided it was a great way to play with paint colors. We probably repainted most of the rooms multiple times… I think Jason is still bitter. 🙂

This is how the house ended up looking in the end; some of the rooms we were finally happy with, and some we hadn’t even touched yet!

Formal dining room – also featured three of my uncle’s paintings. The chandelier made the move! So glad I kept the builder installed one to put back up.

Living room

Breakfast nook

Kitchen, though we did eventually have a valance over the sink – and we replaced the range

Powder Room

Our bedroom – missing the nightstands Jason’s mom and dad got us for Christmas this year

Part of our master bathroom; neither of us are fans of bathtubs. That tub was literally used 3 times in 6.5 years.

Jason’s room

The game room, which I never snapped a pic of mostly done. Imagine it fully finished

Guest bath upstairs – obviously did little to it

Guest bedroom – I always wanted a red room (it’s now out of my system)

We had just started working on our stairwell – a huge expanse of wall space and a large window shelf. We painted the walls gray and started to collect/hang stretched canvas paintings.

We also had a 4th bedroom that was nothing more than storage (ie, where things went to die!)

Can’t wait to paint and decorate a new house!


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