Week-End House and Health Update

It’s Friday!! I’m doing this bullet point style, because it’s pretty much how my mind works:

House Related

  • Closing has been set for 10:30 a.m. on July 31. Can I get an Amen?!
  • The truck is coming to our Texas house on July 31 and my Dad is taking the day off to supervise the loading.
  • Our “stuff” will arrive anytime between August 3 and August 8 but I don’t even care at this point. Just give me a house, a blow up mattress, and a place to keep my dogs and I’m happy as a clam.
  • Really, the place for the dogs is the biggest thing. We can’t even go to dinner or to Target together. Which means I can’t go at all and Jason is stuck doing all the errands for us all.
  • My Pinterest board is getting overwhelming full with house plans and products now that we’re so.close.
  • Did I mention a closing time and date was set?
  • Our Texas house is officially on the market but interior pics won’t be taken until the boxes and furniture are gone.
  • We close in 10 days. Just in case you missed it.

Health Related

  • I ran fever the other night but haven’t since.
  • Yes, mom, I called the doctor and he didn’t seem concerned at this point.
  • My ankle and foot are still so swollen my boot won’t go on right. But I’m not supposed to force it. Besides, it hurts to force it so that’s an easy instruction to follow.
  • Doctor says I should keep it elevated as high as possible (pref over my heart) as much as possible. And use ice.
  • Keeping it above my heart makes for some strange looks around the office.
  • Doctor says lots of pain is normal. Darnit.
  • I would like to kiss the person responsible for Vicodin. It’s the only way I’m functioning.
  • My church family ROCKS and have found another wheelchair for me that has a leg thingydoobopper. Right now, I’m holding it in the air when not sitting still.
  • I’m mostly sticking with a wheelchair right now. My leg hurts the worst when straight down, and I’m super clumsy and have nearly killed myself a few times on crutches already. Plus I’m faster on wheels.
  • I have successfully taken three showers AND gotten dressed all.by.myself. Yep, this is blog worthy.
  • VBS was this week and I made it into the office 4 days this week and got to be a part of things. I’m exhausted but it was worth the effort.
  • One of our awesome college kids met me at Target today after VBS so I could buy some things. If my leg wasn’t already hurting so much, I could have wandered every single aisle just to savor it. I love Target.
  • I can successfully pull the wheelchair out of the backseat (I jump on one foot from the front to back door) but can’t get it in the car myself, which is why I can’t really go anyplace by myself unless someone is waiting on the other end to help me.
  • I still can’t put weight on the bum leg until the boot is fitting properly. And then I have to start slowly… may be awhile. *sigh*

VBS was awesome this week and I was blown away by the support the church members gave it. I think we may have had just as many volunteers as kids! And that’s AWESOME! Since I played no role in the leadership of VBS, I figure I can sing it’s praises.


One thought on “Week-End House and Health Update

  1. Anne says:

    We are very happy you were able to come to VBS! I dont know why i didnt think of this earlier, but i have a wheelchair with leg pedals you can borrow.

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