Hotel Rooms + 3 Dogs = No Bueno

We’ve been at the hotel for exactly one week today but yesterday morning, when I saw the doctor, was the very first time the dogs had been left alone in the room. I knew they would bark/whine/cry some, but figured that surely they would wear out and go to sleep.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

At around the 3 hour mark, Jason got a call from the hotel management. They were super nice but obviously could not have dogs disrupting other guests for that long of a period. Plus, we learned later, the man across the hall worked nights 😦 We were both mortified at their behavior but I was on my way back already, so the problem was solved for the day at least.

When I returned, the manager said there were just brief moments of quiet. From down the hall, I could hear Winston going to town. Four.hours.later.

As soon as I got to the room, they were super excited for about 3 minutes and as soon as I laid on the bed to put my leg up, they laid down and went straight to sleep. Big jerks had worn themselves out!

Jason, in the meantime, had found a local doggie day care. Doggie day care is a GREAT thing, but it ain’t cheap and I doubt most people use it every single day. At that point, our option was to have them come to work with me and disrupt the entire church staff (plus, how was I going to handle three dogs one legged?) or hold our breath and pay for the day care until we closed on our house.

Before a dog is allowed to stay an entire day, they have to come for an interview. The owner part of the interview is only 15-20 minutes (you really just hang out long enough to make sure they aren’t going to go Kujo with the other dogs) but the dogs stay a minimum of 3 hours to make sure they can hang. I called and explained our sorta emergency situation and asked about getting an interview ASAP. Though they didn’t usually do interviews on Tuesdays, they made an exception and let us come. Of course because I can’t safely wrangle them alone right now, we had to schedule it during Jason’s lunch break so he could get them there.

We went to Camp Bow Wow – their reception area is really cute:

As I finished each of their applications, they got taken to the size appropriate play yard to check it out. Lucy and Harley both went to the little dog yard and Winston to the next step up (there are 4 total rooms, each with indoor and outdoor play yards). While I was filling out Winston’s paperwork, he hung out in a holding area.

Pathetic, huh?

After 15 or so minutes, they came and told me that all was well and they were welcome to stay the rest of the afternoon so I headed to work for the first time in seemingly weeks!

Camp Bow Wow has doggie cams online that you can watch so when I got to work, I flipped it on and checked on all three dogs. Harley and Lucy stuck pretty close together, which was really sweet to see, and Winston seemed to hang just fine with his new dog friends.

Jason picked them up after work and got a good report – they all passed, thank goodness! We got a report card on each of them about their day:

It told us how they did, some of their new friends names, and what activities they participated in.

Since it was our interview day, and they passed, they also each got a certificate!

I know that doggie day care (and all that goes with it) gets major eye rolls from people who aren’t dog crazy but for us, it’s saved the day and kept us with a roof over our head! Plus, when the dogs got home tonight, they went straight to sleep and were peaceful and quiet. Woo-hoo!

Thanks, Camp Bow Wow, for working with us and making space for our three crazy fools. They’ll be back tomorrow!


One thought on “Hotel Rooms + 3 Dogs = No Bueno

  1. Wow, so great that they have an option for you!! I don’t blame you for doing it one bit, seems like the best possible solution. Cracking up at their doggy ‘progress reports’, though! Too funny. 🙂

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