I didn’t know this part would hurt! (10 day doctor follow-up)

This week is VBS and I was super stoked to be leading the Bible study rotation. Since I came on board at the beginning of the summer, VBS had already been handled completely (a children’s minister’s dream!) so my only true responsibility was to lead the Bible story rotation. Unfortunately, my injury threw a kink into those plans and my presence was no longer guaranteed for the entire week.

Last week as soon as we arrived back in Charlotte, I found a good orthopedic surgery practice and made a post-op appt, which was this morning right as VBS was being kicked off for the week. Thankfully, our associate pastor jumped in and planned to lead the Bible story rotation for me so I could easily make the appointment.

Jason drove me to a church member’s home before work and she took me to my appointment later this morning. Since her house only has stairs going in, I didn’t quite get into the house but instead sat on the front porch steps. With such a pretty morning, she joined me and we sat and chatted until it was time for my appointment.

The doctor I was assigned was GREAT and super happy with my progress. They took 10 day out x-rays to see how things were healing:

The doctor praised the work of my surgeon back in Fort Worth and said he did a great job – something I was glad to hear, since I had absolutely no control over who actually did that surgery!

The splint and wrapping came off first and my leg was pretty gross. The doctor kept saying it was a work of art and beautiful but I told him it was all in the eye of the beholder 🙂 My foot was swollen already and almost immediately, the whole leg started to swell. I guess the splint was on so tight that it held back all that swelling? Also, the splint had been rubbing the back of my knee and it felt so good to have it free!

This was my leg before removing the staples:

I still had the boot the ER staff squashed my leg into the night of the accident (because you know it cost me a fortune!) but hadn’t brought it with me. He said that I needed to just wear that, and to start slowly putting weight on it while using the crutches and wearing the boot. My ankle (as you can see above) is stuck to one side so even though it wasn’t broken, it’s swollen and hurts. He said I needed to work on getting it back into place and moving. I also had clearance to get it wet in the shower and, in a few days, even get in a pool if I wanted!

The nurse came in and removed the staples which I figured would hurt but didn’t really at all. It bled a bit so I know the wounds aren’t quite completely healed up but good enough, I guess.

I don’t see him again until after camp (5 weeks from now) so I’m stuck with the boot/crutches/some weight arrangement until then and not a walking boot, like I had hoped, but I did not have to do anymore physical therapy!

Going home with a “naked” leg was pretty nerve wracking. Me and the friend who brought me were both a bit anxious about it being completely unprotected but the nurse said it was good for it to get some air for awhile. While I was waiting to check out, the other two patients waiting were intrigued by my leg, asked what happened, and even let me go first since “I deserved a break.”

By the time I got back to the hotel, my whole leg was really really swollen so I laid with it up the rest of the afternoon. It also hurt a LOT. I took pain meds and slept the rest of the afternoon until Jason got home with my boot (it was packed in a car). By then, it hurt even worse but the leg swelling had gone down some. I thought that maybe the boot would confine it enough to help with the pain so we attempted to put it in there.

The first attempt ended with me crying.

The second attempt ended with me crying.

I didn’t dare attempt it again without more pain meds and more stretching. For whatever reason, my ankle hurt terribly and I couldn’t get my foot to lay flat on the ground with my leg straight, which was required to get it into the boot properly. Actually as I write this, I’m working on stretching it enough to get it in the boot.

After all the pain I have endured, I had no idea this part would hurt, especially to the point of crying (which I’ve only done one other time – in the ER that night). When we ever get this thing on, I am not sure I’m going to want to ever take it back off! But, with good pain meds and a really cute husband helping, I think we’ll eventually get it moving enough to boot and start healing.

Since I’m going to a boot that ends before my knee, I can bend my knee fully again and resume driving (freedom!!). Since we are living so far outside of town right now, this is a huge relief for us both!

VBS in the morning is up in the air. I didn’t expect it to hurt so much and I want to be 100% Aimee before interacting with kids – esp since I haven’t even met many of these families yet. Not to mention the crazy swelling… My associate pastor is already ready to lead so I have the freedom to make the call in the morning.

Even amidst the unexpected pain, I’m incredibly grateful for a good report; not sure I could have handled yet another set-back!


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