My first outing – the dog park!

Currently, we are living in an extended stay hotel right outside of Charlotte. We had a HARD time finding a place that was 1)affordable and 2)took three dogs. Most had a two dog limit (or didn’t allow pets at all!) or had ridiculous pet fees. While I was in Honduras, Jason found this hotel and it met all the criteria. It was further out than we preferred but at that point, we had no other options and it was relatively close to Jason’s work.

Our room is a standard size hotel room; queen bed, small sofa, small kitchenette (full size fridge, microwave, and two burners – no oven). From Tuesday night when we arrived in Charlotte, until Saturday, I didn’t leave the hotel. Matter of fact, I only left the room once on Thursday afternoon for a short walk with Jason’s sister and the dogs. All the other time was spent in the room with the dogs. And while I would normally go crazy, I was still in recovery mode and mostly slept due to the pain meds.

But by Saturday, I needed out and so did the dogs. They are used to a fenced yard and this whole ‘short walks outside on a leash’ thing was killing them as much as us. I suggested we attempt a dog park visit. Charlotte has several dog parks, I was thrilled to find, so we chose the closest to our hotel.

After running a few errands (with me in the car with the dogs, Jason actually running them), and driving through Starbucks, we found the park. Poor Jason not only had to get three dogs (all wired after being confined in a hotel room!) into the park, but also had to get his wheelchair bound wife in there without a paved walkway to use.

Winston, in his excitement, completely pulled himself out of his harness and went off on his own before we even got out of the parking lot. Thankfully, he was slow moving thanks to all the new scents he had to check out and Jason coaxed him back into his harness so we could safely get inside the gates.

This park was pretty nice. There was lots of shade and benches, due to the wooded area, areas of grass and dirt, clean up stations, a water source, and buckets to use for drinking water throughout. The other dog owners were attentive and kind and there was plenty of space for the dogs to roam.

Due to the heat, we didn’t last too long but they wore themselves completely out. Winston, when really hot and tired, lays at the bowl so he doesn’t have to move far for a drink:

When we got back in the car to drive home, we blasted the AC and this was the view in the backseat:

More importantly, all three came back “home” and crashed for the rest of the night. As did I! Success!


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