While I Was Gone…

The last two weeks have been nuts for me! First up was a conference in Fort Worth in which I was in charge of the preschool and children’s activities (went fabulous, btw!). I flew back a bit early so I could board another plane headed to Jalaca, Honduras. I got back last night from that trip and I can’t wait to pull my pics together and do a post!

While I was gone, Jason tackled two big moving related tasks: the house inspection and finding a place to live once we returned with the dogs.

Before I left town, I searched and searched for someplace for us to live temporarily and found very few options. Most had strict guidelines regarding dogs (2 dog limit, ridiculous nightly fees, 20 pound limit, etc) that wouldn’t work. Or, the rate was too high for so many nights. Thankfully, Jason did find someplace within our budget, who worked with us on the pet fee (put a cap on it, since we were staying so long) and didn’t have any weight or number limits. The downside is that it’s not in Charlotte and will be a bit of a commute for me. However, since its near his work, he will be able to go home at lunch. And it’s for only 24 nights. It was such a relief to call home from Honduras and find out we had a place to live!

Also while I was gone, he went to the home inspection which the same inspector from before. This time, there were few issues and he felt good about things. It seems that our soon-to-be-house has been well cared for! I can’t WAIT to finally be able to call it ours.


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