The people of God are pretty good at that.

When we pulled the plug on the first house, and had a huge set-back in our move here, a dear friend texted me a note of encouragement. Her words were so simple, but a truth that I often take for granted. Part of her text read:

“I assume you are being taken care of. The people of God are pretty good at that.”

People have asked what we are doing, where we are, etc. It’s not easy making a long distance move, for sure, but it seems even more difficult when trying to immediately buy (instead of moving to a rental) and leaps and bounds more difficult when you have three dogs (a blog post in itself!).

The short answer is that we would simply be lost without the people of God.

Our new church family have wrapped their arms around us not just in their love and kindness but by literally opening their doors. In someone’s time of need, many of us wouldn’t think twice before bringing by a casserole, sending flowers, stopping by a hospital room, or even offering to babysit for a few hours but when it comes to inviting someone who’s literally a stranger into your home, that’s a different story. Even I would think twice before doing just that, and I’ve been on the receiving end of that very kindness!

But the people of God are pretty good at that.

Our original plan was to close on our new house next week, which meant ~4 weeks of housing to find. To save us weeks of hotel costs, church members opened their doors to us. The first week, we stayed with the pastor and his wife. The second, a couple who were out of town (they had a dog for us to care for, which made my week!). And now, a family who have a guestroom/pool house behind their home. We were hesitant to wear out our welcome so we are sticking with a “have suitcase, will travel” mindset and trying to not stay too long at any one place.

The kindness, generosity, and love already shown to us in our first 2 weeks remind me again that we are in the right place, with the right people. What an incredible journey we have in front of us – and some pretty fabulous traveling companions alongside us!

Praise be to God!


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