House Hunting – Round Two!

With a definite termination on the other house decided, we didn’t waste time in beginning our search again.

On Friday, I drove around for around 4 hours scoping out possibilities, checking on neighborhoods, and taking notes. My rear had grown roots into the seat by the end, I think.

On Saturday, we drove around together for several more hours and hit the neighborhoods I didn’t get to. When we got home that night, we narrowed down the list significantly and sent our realtor 17 top faves, with stars next to the 8 we really really wanted to see.

On Sunday after church, we met our realtor and hit 16 of the 17 in 5.5 hours time. The 17th house was blocked from showings.

We came home exhausted Sunday night but had 4 possibilities with each of us having our own #1 pick.

Due to a meeting I had last night, we didn’t get to resee any homes until tonight. Jason’s favorite was also my favorite house (my top pick was due to the location) and we would both be happy in it so we made the decision to just revisit it tonight.

After 45 minutes at the house, we gave our realtor the go ahead to prepare an offer. It’s only been on the market 2 weeks but already at a fair price and in great shape. And they have permits on the work they did!

Hopefully we will hear in the next couple days!


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