1100 miles.

My thoughts after driving 1100 miles:

* we went through Shreveport, Monroe, Jackson, Birmingham, Atlanta, etc all the way into North Carolina. It’s a really boring drive for the most part so entertainment for the road is essential.

* the cops in Monroe, LA like the ambush method. 7 in less than 2 miles.

* even though signs stating that slower traffic should stay to the right, some people seem to think it doesn’t apply to them. This is the absolute worst part of road trips.

* using cruise control should be mandatory on all cars and required to be in use on freeways. This is the second worst part of road trips.

* don’t always believe the road signs when they tell you there is a Starbucks at that exit. Sometimes, the location has closed thus making for a very, very disappointed (and coffee deprived) Aimee.

* DVD systems aren’t just for kids. (And can I just say that kids today don’t know how good they have it? Road trips with all this great technology is a huge improvement on what previous generations had available!)


Why yes, we totally pulled Driving Miss Daisy’s and sat in the backseat to watch movies while the other drove. I sure didn’t mind at all because that meant I got to listen to my music while he watched his movie (which meant Adele on repeat, of course)

Shout out to my mom who thought to put together a bag of snacks for our drive – something we didn’t have time to do! And she included pretzel and cheese Combos, which are my official travel snacks. You rock!


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