Ah, banks. Gotta love them!

According to the mortgage company, our loan is suspended until Jason’s employer will provide some needed paperwork… that they are dragging their feet on. At the earliest, we won’t close until June 29. If his employer continues dragging it out, the mortgage company will tack on even more time.

However, the mortgage company said we are good to go forward with our home inspection because the loan has otherwise been approved.

Since we’ve only bought new construction, I don’t know what options the seller has if we don’t close on the date in the contract but I’m sure our fantastic realtor will help us navigate through that.

This also means we will need a minimum of 1 month housing in Charlotte and that our dogs will not be joining us until July. I’m so incredibly thankful my mom and dad are willing to take dog duty for the extended period of time; at least I know they will be in their home, well cared for, and with people they love. But man, I’ll miss them.


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