Friday Update

This week has been exhausting. Physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Matter of fact, today I gave myself permission to sleep until I woke… and that was 2pm. I think my brain just needed some rest.

– There were lots of final goodbyes said this week with just a handful left to say

– We jumped through a few more hoops and the mortgage company seems to be happy… though we’re still waiting on a final closing date

– Allied Moving Company was due to come give a quote on Wednesday morning. I waited around for them and of course, they didn’t show. While they’ve offered an apology, I decided they lost the potential job. If they can’t get here to give an estimate on time, what will they do with my stuff?

– North American Moving Company came on Thursday (on time!) and spent about 45 minutes surveying all of our belongings. The quote was around $9k, with packing materials and packing labor ($7k without). I’m going to start packing up some spaces that I need to clean out anyways (aka bathroom cabinets) and that will shave a bit off the final cost of whatever company we use.

– I requested in house estimates from two more companies: Mayflower and Atlas

– The person interested in buying our home could not secure financing. However, we are talking about a long term lease option or a lease to own option. We have still not listed it – partly due to this person’s interest (which would save us tons of $ in realtor fees) and because the house is simply not show ready.

We leave in less than a week!


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