Old Closet: Huge ~ New Closet: Tiny

Last night, I finally attacked the project I’ve been dreading the most: my closet.

Jason’s side is well organized, color coordinated, and he regularly donates things he doesn’t wear anymore.

Mine is pretty much the opposite. And no, I won’t be sharing before pics. 🙂

It took me around 3 hours but I seriously purged. There were items in there I haven’t worn in years. Since we sorta had the space, I just kept it all “just in case.” Our new closet is TEENSY so I knew I had to be brutal in my purging.

I had 5 piles going. 3 were for different friends who wore different sizes that I knew I had, 1 was trash, and 1 was donation.

In the end, this is what was leaving the house as a donation to either a friend or the clothing closet at church:

That’s ridiculous – utterly ridiculous – to have that much clothing to give away. My closet is still full even after all that! I’m sorta glad our new place has smaller closets. At least it’ll help me avoid this borderline clothes hoarding I have going on and force me to be choosier in the items I purchase.

But I still reserve the right to whine later about the tiny closets 🙂


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